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    Everyone at Campbell Chiropractic Center is wonderful! Thank you!

    - Georgianna M.
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    Amazing! Like visiting a 5-star hotel!

    - Leana G.
  • East Brunswick chiropractor reviews

    So far you’re doing a great job! Love you guys! Great staff and of course doctor my expectations were definitely met!

    -Trudi D.
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    Fantastic service. Great recommendation by a friend. Looking forward to getting my issues resolved and feeling confident I will be corrected soon.

    - Justin K.
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    Great service, great staff, feeling great after my visit!

    - Kate W.
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    Very friendly and compassionate staff.

    - Anthony R.
  • East Brunswick chiropractor reviews

    My experience with Dr. Campbell and staff was excellent. I would highly recommend him! Dr. Campbell and staff were courteous, friendly, with a family atmosphere. Can’t wait for my next appointment.

    -George B.
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    This is the nicest doctor’s office I have ever been to. The office is nice, the staff is amazing and everyone is so kind.

    - Annette T.
  • East Brunswick chiropractor reviews

    Dr. Campbell is as caring a doctor as I have ever seen. He listens and cares. Thank you doctor!

    -Robin M.
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    Dr. Campbell and his Staff are very friendly and helpful.

    - Bonnie A.
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    I’ve been a patient for 20 years — that speaks for itself!

    - Mindy S.
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    Your staff is very pleasant, uplifting and possess very positive attitudes.

    - Frank T.


East Brunswick Chiropractor Gets You Results

Invigorate Your Health at Campbell Chiropractic Center

When East Brunswick Chiropractor Dr. James Campbell was young he experienced severe neck pain after an accident while jumping on a bed with his brother. He also was plagued by a succession of illnesses. It took only one chiropractic adjustment to relieve his neck pain and help drain his clogged sinuses. The remarkable improvement in his health through chiropractic led him to become a chiropractor.

At Campbell Chiropractic Center, he is passionate about helping his patients — just as he was helped — get out of pain and on the path to revitalized health.

Restoring Your Well-Being, Naturally

Our vision is to treat as many people as possible, restoring and maintaining their health without the use of drugs and surgery. A spinal adjustment is a simple, pain-free way
of releasing those everyday tensions that can cause discomfort. If we feel that your problem is not suited to what we do here at Campbell Chiropractic Center, you will be referred to the proper health professional.

Chiropractic changed my life, and it would be my pleasure
to determine if it can do the same for you.

Dr. James Campbell

Providing Effective Help for All Ages

We have delivered quality care to all ages since 1990. Dr. Campbell
has many years of experience in helping newborns all the way to those
in their 90s using a variety of solutions for the most effective treatment.

He sees many children and expecting moms and treats the full body,
including shoulders, knees, ankles, head, sports injury areas,
auto accident care, and more.

Many of the cases Dr. Campbell sees are people with chronic issues
that have not made progress with other avenues. From all over the
country and the world, they seek out Campbell Chiropractic Center to get results.
Our entire team is caring, compassionate and committed to assisting you.

Offering Modern Care and a Gentle Touch

By providing on-site digital X-rays, we can immediately understand what
your body requires to get better. With a gentle and personal touch, we strive to
provide the best possible care at the greatest convenience to our patients.

Discover our unique approach to health care.

Contact our helpful, friendly team today to find out more or schedule your appointment
with Chiropractor East Brunswick Dr. Campbell! We look forward to meeting you.

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