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Meet Dr. James Campbell

The Hospital Offered No Solutions

Dr Campbell smilingWhile jumping on a trampoline with his younger brother, Dr. Campbell felt a “crack” on the left side of his neck. Immediate, severe pain ensued, and his right ear was pinned against his right shoulder.

Fearing a serious neck injury, his parents brought him to South Amboy Hospital for X-rays. The medical doctor couldn’t find any problems, prescribed muscle relaxers and said that Dr. Campbell would be sore for a few weeks.

Discovering Natural Healing

Since that injury, Dr. Campbell experienced frequent, repetitive illness such as bronchitis, hay fever and strep throat and was recommended to have his tonsils removed. “I was a skinny teenager who was facing a lifetime of chronic illness.” A friend introduced him to her chiropractor cousin who explained the principles of chiropractic.

After an examination, a misalignment in Dr. Campbell’s neck was identified. A single adjustment relieved his neck pain and drained his sinuses that had been clogged for years. “I remember having two nearly simultaneous thoughts: that chiropractic makes so much sense, and why didn’t I hear about it before?”

He quickly decided on his career path with a desire to share chiropractic care with as many people as he could so that they could lead healthier lives and avoid suffering as he had.


A Chiropractic Education

After completing his undergraduate studies, Dr. Campbell enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. This school was where chiropractic began and is world-renowned. True to their reputation, he was amazed at the quality of the education and the challenging curriculum.
Additionally, he is a Diplomate in acupuncture, has advanced certification in treating automobile accident injuries and takes regular continuing education courses. He’s also a member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors and has served on their board as vice president.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

“Chiropractic is my gospel and my way of life. It’s the best way to restore and keep your health.” In his spare time, Dr. Campbell enjoys spending time with his wife Debbie and children Abby and Jack. They follow a healthy lifestyle that includes regular chiropractic care, proper nutrition and staying active.

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